Tips for setting up a Snap smartphone survey

Smartphone survey set-up

Smartphone surveys using Snap software

If you are designing a survey that is principally going to be used on smartphones, the best practice is to design the layout for the survey accordingly. If you are a Snap customer you can use one of the PDA style templates provided with Snap.  A recent worksheet gave general tips on setting up a smartphone survey as well as showing how to set one up in Snap.


  • Think about the size of the screen that people will read it on
  • Have ten or fewer questions
  • Use small graphics or no graphics
  • Have one question per page (to reduce the need to scroll)
  • Turn off the progress bar
  • Be careful about your choice of image boxes if you use graphics
  • Turn off the option of having the title on every page
  • Choose buttons which look good when small
  • Consider the pros and cons of using data pickers / calendars
  • Check how your survey looks on different phones and browsers

Do not:

  • Use items that use a lot of memory, such as sliders, map controls and large pictures (some older devices may not display sliders and map controls correctly)
  • Have lots of questions that take a long time to look through on a small screen
  • Have many open-ended questions where you ask respondents to enter free text

Find out more about setting up a smartphone survey in Snap survey software

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