What’s New for Snap 11 Survey Software?

Did you miss the Snap 11 Survey Software preview?

snap-11-survey-softwareIf you weren’t able to join us for the live Snap 11 Survey Software preview webinars, a recording is now available to watch online.

The webinar introduces you to some of the exciting new reporting features such as Smart Reporting and Word Clouds. The Snap team also demonstrated new templates, chart styles, sliders, and buttons.

» Snap 11 Survey Software Preview Webinar 

» Find out what’s coming in Snap 11 

ADDITIONAL FEATURES COMING! Stay tuned. We will be presenting additional new Snap 11 features, including:

  • Auto Summary Reports
  • Diagnostic Reporting
  • Online Analysis Reporting
  • Integrated external panel samples from Snap WebHost
  • Simplified internal panel creation and management allowing ease of administration for all online panel surveys, especially HR 360 degree assessments and higher education course evaluations
  • Data security features, including encrypted data on the WebHost server
  • Enhancements to Snap Mobile Anywhere for mobile surveys
  • Benchmark results against internal or external data

We’ll be bringing you Snap 11 launch information next month

Webinar: Creating Question Banks in Snap

Snap 'bite size' training webinar

Snap trainer Marc Ellison has developed the third one hour online training session – Creating Question Banks / SurveyPaks. Marc will demonstrate how to use Snap’s SurveyPak tool to manage questions as well as whole surveys. This will be followed by a short Q&A session.
Date: 29 November 2011
Time: 15:00 UK | 16:00 Europe | 10:00 US Eastern
Cost: £50 / $75 USD

The webinar is designed to help you become more familiar with Snap’s SurveyPak facility which allows you to create and save a bank of questions which can be used again and again. Continue reading