Rocket science not always required – notes from the MRS conference 2011

Ralph Sutcliffe, Business Development Manager, Snap Surveys

We sent Ralph Sutcliffe, Snap’s Business Development Manager  and MRS member, along to the second day of the recent MRS Conference in London.  This is his feedback on the day’s discussions …

A theme discussed at the conference was “Survey research will be dead by 2020”.  Based on premises such as “People don’t say what they think” and “Humans are poor reporters of their own behaviour.”  Should we adopt passive measurement and accept that research as we know it is coming to an end?  Or should “researchers re-invent Market Research and not the geeks”?

There was a lot of talk about the power of social media in research. The following example was given to illustrate the enormous power of Twitter, which along with other social media, web analytics, and location-based data  was referred to as  “the river”.

The singer Lily Allen experienced some problems with her BT broadband connection last year and tweeted a complaint.  Since Lily has two million followers her tweet caused a large enough ripple to be picked up by BT, large enough for BT chief Ian Livingstone to get on the phone to Lily.  The problem was resolved and BT got some positive feedback from Ms Allen.  Continue reading