Opinion Surveys and Opinion Questions

When you ask opinion questions in your survey, you are asking the respondent about statements they may or may not agree with.  The scales you use and wording will vary based on the type of survey you are conducting.  Continue reading

Measuring Opinions, Values and Attitudes in Your Survey

When developing your survey, whether it’s an online survey, paper survey, kiosk or mobile survey, questions relating to opinions, values, and attitudes require careful consideration.  Because these are subjective questions about the thought processes and feelings of a respondent, they are not directly verifiable through external observation. Continue reading

Rating Scale and Balance Questions for your Survey

Determining rating point scales for your Performance Evaluation and Level of Satisfaction surveys is important in Satisfaction Survey Design. Whether you are designing a customer, employee, or healthcare satisfaction survey, getting people to evaluate performance or level of satisfaction will depend on whether or not the topic is important to them.  Continue reading

Rating and Ranking Questions: Levels of Importance in Your Survey

When designing your survey questionnaire, ‘Levels of Importance’ questions help you to assess what is most important to your customer, student, or employee. These detailed types of satisfaction questions can help you to understand what an employee likes best or least about his job or what products and services you provide that your customers value most.   Properly measuring level of importance will garner critical information that ensures you continue to provide what is expected or modify what is not.  Level of importance is similar to levels of Satisfaction, in that, Importance does not produce a balanced scale from “Very Unimportant” to “Very Important.”  Continue reading

Rating and Ranking Levels of Satisfaction in Your Survey

Satisfaction questions in your survey garner important information from your customer, employee, or student that may be critical in determining what products, services, or courses you are successfully providing and which may need improvement.   Rating levels of satisfaction is critical to a successful survey.  Continue reading

Ranking and Rating Levels of Expectation in Your Survey Questionnaire

When designing your customer satisfaction survey, each respondent is likely to have their own standards and levels of expectation.  These unique and individual customer satisfaction standards would equate to each point on a rating scale.  To maintain consistency in your performance evaluation, you should always specify the context of the question. Continue reading

Survey Questionnaire Design: Checklist for Factual (Behavioral) Questions

Whether you are designing an Online, Paper, Kiosk or Mobile Survey, this checklist of question development tips will help you to build the best survey questionnaire for your study. Continue reading

Surveys and The Components of Precision Questions

As you develop your online, kiosk, mobile or paper survey, you should be creating questions that are as precise as possible.  Precision questions have the highest degree of accuracy and truthfulness as a result of the Respondents ability to recall events with ease. 

When asking questions about behaviors and activities, the following components contribute to improving the precision of questions:  Continue reading

Online Surveys, Paper Surveys, Kiosk Surveys and Mobile Surveys: Understanding and Use of Factual Questions in your Questionnaire

Factual questions, also referred to as behavioral questions, are the most common type of question used in survey questionnaires.  Whether you are designing an online, paper, kiosk or mobile survey, this type of question usually asks about past or ongoing observable behaviors or events, which in theory, can be verified by other people.  Continue reading