Webinar: Designing Styles & Templates on August 11

Did you miss our first bite-sized training webinar? You’re in luck!  We are running it again on Thursday, August 11th.

One of the mini topic areas customers have asked us to cover is tailoring the look of Snap Surveys questionnaire templates. In our recent customer satisfaction survey, 45% of customers said that they would find this of interest. Snap Surveys trainer Marc Ellison has developed this new 1 hour online session to cover the key areas of designing survey styles and survey templates. The webinar is designed to help you to produce even more engaging questionnaires in Snap Survey Software, and to ensure your questionnaires are consistent with your organization’s branding.

To register:

UK Customers, visit: http://www.snapsurveys.com/training/online/designing-templates.shtml

US Customers, visit: http://www.snapsurveys.com/training/online/designing-templates-us.shtml