Snap Survey Software Release 11.17 Now Available

Active customers can update now to release 11.17 of Snap Survey Software

Update now to 11.17. This update is available for free to customers with an active Snap Plus subscription. Every new Snap Survey Software user receives 12 months free Snap Plus subscription which includes telephone and email support, as well as free software updates. Don’t have a current Snap Plus subscription? Contact a Product Specialist.

What’s new in Snap 11.17?

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Snap Survey Software 11.08 is Now Available

Update now to Snap Survey Software release version 11.08

Snap Surveys has released update 11.08 for Snap 11 Survey Software. Some of the latest additions of the release include:

  • Snap Update service – Standalone Snap Survey Software installs automatically update when a new version is available
  • Adaptive Questionnaires – Create surveys that adapt to all devices – from desktop PC to mobile devices
  • Contextualized Analysis Logins – Give your clients and colleagues 24/7 access to real-time and personalized survey results
  • GeoLocation Data Capture – Collect geographic location data for each respondent
  • Updated questionnaire style files & checkbox images

If you are a current software user, click here to update to this latest version.

If you haven’t updated your survey software lately, update to Snap 11 now.

View a full list of software release notes for Snap 11.08, including additions and fixes.

If you are not currently a Snap Survey Software user, learn more about what we have to offer. Snap 11 Survey Software is a complete solution for survey design, administration, data collection and management, analysis, and reporting. Snap Survey Software supports all modes of survey research, including: online surveys, mobile surveys, paper surveys for scanning, kiosk surveys, and phone surveys, in any language with advanced analysis capabilities (tables, charts, and descriptive statistics) and reporting options. The software is a very extensible survey software solution – MS Access or SQL database connectivity and seamless integration with SPSS and MS Office.

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