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Why do customers choose Snap Survey Software over the competition?

multi-mode surveysAs you review Survey Software and Feedback Management Solutions, we invite you to review Snap Survey Software to learn what distinguishes our survey software and feedback management solutions from other survey solutions on the market.

Why do our customers choose Snap Survey Software as their survey software solution? We provide 8 great reasons why.

1.  A Wealth of Research Experience

30+ years of survey research experience

2.  A Complete Survey Software Solution

Create and manage in any survey mode, in any language: online surveys, paper surveys, and mobile surveys (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Smartphone, Tablet PC, and Kiosk). Continue reading

Advantages and Disadvantages of Surveys

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Surveys?

Surveys are easy to develop, especially when using the advanced survey software solutions available today. Many researchers are tempted to do much of their data collection online; however, it is not always the preferred mode of data collection, especially if respondents are in hard-to-reach areas. Whether a researcher uses an online survey, mobile survey, paper survey, or a combination of all modes, the mode should depend on the type of study and the demographics of respondents.

Online surveys and mobile surveys tend to be the most cost-effective modes of survey research, yet they may not reach those respondents that can only respond using alternate modes. Results of online surveys and mobile surveys may suffer and differ greatly if important respondents are left out of the research. Hard-to-reach respondents may be easier to reach using more traditional methods such as paper surveys or face-to-face interviews. Continue reading

Features of Advanced Online Survey Software Solutions

online-survey-with-multi-modeHave you ever wondered how well your annual conference is perceived by attendees? Are you looking to evaluate a new product? How about collect data from clients about the new service you are offering?  Online Surveys can be a huge help in understanding what your users think, what their wants are, and how successful your programs, products, or services are. 

Conducting online surveys is a big part of collecting honest feedback. Online survey software solutions can be a cost-effective way to design and administer surveys, and collect and analyze results through one central software program. While an online survey software solution is not going to be the right fit for every research need, online surveys are a great tool to gather informal data quickly and efficiently. A paper survey, however, is likely to get a much-higher response rate at an in-person event, and provide more accurate data among populations that are not as comfortable with computer technology, or have limited or no access to computers. 

There are a number of available online survey software solutions. What can these sophisticated programs do? Any good online survey software tool will allow you to easily create your survey questions and format the design using an online or desktop interface. From there, you can send respondents a link to complete the online survey. More sophisticated online survey software programs, however, have more advanced functionality that can be very handy when you’re planning a more complex series of survey questions. In this case, the following features may be useful:  Continue reading

Create a Memory Bank of Survey Questions with Advanced Survey Software

Creating online surveys just got easier.  With advanced online survey software solutions, you can create a memory bank of questions, which can be saved and used again and again across multiple surveys. In more advanced survey software solutions, you are not limited to creating question banks for just online surveys. You can use question banks across all modes of survey research: online surveys, paper surveys, mobile surveys, kiosk surveys, and so on.  Continue reading

Latest Snap survey software release 10.19

Mobile Anywhere

In this latest release of Snap’s survey software, customers can take advantage of our new Mobile Anywhere service. Mobile Anywhere enables 2 way mobile interviewing 24/7. Interviewers don’t have to come in from the field to download data, and updates can be sent directly to interviewers in the field too.

10.19 also introduces the facility to buy Cint Direct Sample through Snap WebHost our online survey hosting service.

Snap customers on the Snap Plus subscription service can Download the latest version of Snap now.

If you would like to find out more about Snap Survey Software visit our online shop or contact us.

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Blog Series: Find the Best Survey Software Solution, Part 1 of 12

What questions should you ask yourself to help you evaluate your company’s survey software solutions needs?

In this 12-part blog series, we will discuss the 12 pertinent questions you should ask yourself and provide the advice you need to enable you to compare all of the available survey software solutions on the market.  

What is the best survey software solution on the market today? There’s certainly not one answer to this loaded question, and there is certainly no cookie-cutter solution that will fit everyone’s needs. The key to finding the right survey software solution is to first evaluate your company’s needs.  Finding the right solution is not as simple as focusing on the cheapest option. After reviewing your company’s needs, you may find that you don’t even need software at all. There are many offerings out there that have surveys built-in that are ready to go, and you can simply sign-up (many times for free) and begin surveying your sample immediately. Continue reading

Improve Online Surveys through Customized Survey Design Features

Customizing your online surveys is an important aspect of survey design. Customization improves the look, feel, and functionality of your surveys. Visual customization makes an online survey not only visually appealing, but customizing questions using advanced response control features also helps to engage the respondent, leading to potentially higher response rates. Continue reading

Demographic Questions in Your Survey

When designing your questionnaire you will include survey demographic questions to serve as break variables, so that differences in responses between groups can be identified.  Demographic Survey questions include: Continue reading