Snap Surveys Helps University With Course Evaluation System

Snap Surveys helps Leeds Metropolitan University set-up a complete Course Evaluation System  to make it easy for students to provide feedback

Leeds Metropolitan UniversityWhat was the challenge? Leeds Metropolitan University (Leeds Met) approached Snap Surveys with the challenge of developing a solution that would make it easy for students to provide course and module feedback, and for university staff to have instant access to results for analysis. Their existing evaluation system entailed manually surveying thousands of students on over 100 different modules and courses, with data exported to Excel for analysis. This process proved to be time consuming and laborious for both the students completing the course evaluations, and for the university staff setting up and analyzing the data. There was also potential for the data to be unreliable.

What was the solution? Snap Surveys recommended that Leeds Met install Snap WebHost, Snap’s online survey management system on their own servers. This meant that Leeds Met could have complete control over survey security and have no restrictions on the number of surveys, survey responses, and analysis logins. We also recommended using Snap’s Grouped Questionnaires feature to provide a simple framework for students to give feedback.

What was the result? Access the full case study. 

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