New Feature: View Usage Stats in Snap WebHost

Snap WebHost users can now easily view usage stats

Stats are now available in your Snap WebHost account, so you can check your usage anytime. See how many attached files, and Mobile Anywhere & WebHost units you have used – either for your entire subscription period or a specific date range.

Simply click on the My Account tab, and the bottom of the window displays details about your usage of Snap WebHost.














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Latest Version of Snap WebHost Now Available for Online Surveys

Manage online surveys with the latest version of Snap WebHost

Snap 11 WebHost users can now download the latest version of Snap WebHost for management of online surveys. This version includes new features and fixes. Some features include:

  • Folder option for Researchers to allow folders to be created to manage surveys
  • Survey overview list can be filtered to show only surveys that match the criteria
  • Survey overview list can be sorted on the different columns
  • Traffic light system to denote the status of a survey
  • and more…

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New To Snap WebHost Online Survey Management

What’s new in Snap WebHost? Enhanced password security, options to search, sort, and manage your online surveys, and more…

We have added some great new features to Snap WebHost, our online survey management system – providing online surveys and mobile interviewing managed through one easy to use online subscription service.

sort surveys into foldersAs part of our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standards of security, we’ve strengthened the complexity rules for new and changed passwords. We’ve also added folders for you to organize your surveys, for example, by project or date, plus search and sort options to help you easily find the survey project you’re looking for.

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Princeton National Surveys Leverages Powerful Features of Snap Survey Software

Guest Post: Learn how Princeton National Surveys leverages the powerful features of Snap Survey Software to target and balance respondent samples

by: Scott Fulmer, Research Manager, Princeton National Surveys

A Snap Surveys client for over ten years, Princeton National Surveys (PNS) leverages powerful features of Snap Survey Software to target and balance respondent samples. The advanced technology offered by Snap Surveys enables PNS to collect more complex sample combinations than what is possible with less sophisticated do-it-yourself online survey apps.*

Princeton-National-SurveysSurveys deployed on Snap WebHost, Snap’s online survey management and reporting system, can be programmed with interlocking quotas based on any number of questions, including numeric-entry questions (such as ZIP Code), and the detected screen size of a respondent’s device. The key to this technique is Snap’s feature called derived variables. Using derived variables in Snap Survey Software, a survey designer can write expressions to combine, convert, segment, or calculate responses. Logical, literal, numeric, date, and time expressions are supported. Continue reading

Snap Panel Samples in partnership with Cint now available!

Snap has partnered with Cint to offer cost effective quality samples. Reach your targeted audience and get answers to your questions fast! You are now able to buy panel samples directly via a link in your Snap WebHost online survey summary pages .

Reach a broad group of people or a targeted audience with specific demographics or behavioral characteristics. Create your order in minutes, watch as the results come in and analyze your data.

This new service is available through WebHost, Snap’s online survey management and analysis system.

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