Have You Upgraded to Snap 11 Survey Software?

If you haven’t upgraded to Snap 11 Survey Software yet, why not do it today!

snap-survey-softwareOur latest release, Snap 11 Survey Software, has been designed to give users a complete survey software solution. Create, administer, and manage online, paper, kiosk, and mobile surveys, analyze data, and generate reports in one complete system.

Why upgrade to Snap 11 Survey Software?

We have introduced many new features to Snap 11 Survey Software. Continue reading

Double Check Your Online Survey Before Launching

It is extremely important to double check your online survey before launching in order to catch any mistakes

When launching your online survey you need to thoroughly review all aspects of your survey before it goes “live.” Although the bulleted list of steps below may seem like common sense steps, it’s the simple things we miss that can cause issues in the data collection process. With data accuracy on the line, it is important to be as thorough as possible when launching your surveys.

Over and over again, because we are in such a rush to collect data, we continue to hastily administer surveys before double checking for obvious errors in the format, design, and content of our surveys. The best way to break ourselves from this pattern is with the use of a detailed checklist. Continue reading

Free Webinar on Enhanced Analysis in Snap Survey Software – Part 1

Join us on Thursday, July 11th for a FREE webinar on the topic of: Introducing enhanced analysis in Snap Survey Softwaresurvey-analysis-survey-software

When: Thursday, July 11th

There are two sessions of this webinar on July 11th, for your convenience. You may choose which session you would like to attend.

First Session (UK):15:00 UK BST  (16:00 Europe / 10:00 AM US EDT)

  • Presenters: UK Snap Training Consultants Marc Ellison and Nathan Pritchard

Second Session (US): 1:00 PM US EDT / 12:00 PM CDT / 10:00 AM PST (18:00 UK BST)

  • Presenters: US Snap Training Consultants Jay Arbelo and Samantha Jewell

This webinar, Introducing enhanced analysis in Snap Survey Software, Part 1, is part of our Snap Summer Camp 2013 series, a series of free webinars taking place between June to September, 2013. Continue reading