Snap Survey Software How-to: Randomize the Order of Question Pages

Learn how-to randomize the order of question pages using Snap Survey Software 

When you present a respondent with a survey, their answers are influenced by the order in which questions are presented. This is known as an order-effect. Because of this, you may want to randomize the order of your survey questions, so that this effect is minimized.

Using Snap Survey Software, you can you can randomize the order of possible responses in a multiple choice question, rows in a grid question, or question pages. When given a list of options, respondents are more likely to choose the first option (primacy effect) or the last option (recency effect) rather than the middle options. In a list of questions, respondents may develop fatigue when they answer the later questions, and tend to put less effort into answering them. To minimize this effect, you can randomize the order of question pages. This keeps the survey questions on the pages in the same order, but randomizes just the pages of the survey by using the Randomize tool provided in Snap Survey Software.

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