Why Endicott College Research Center Uses Snap WebHost In-House Installation

Learn why Endicott College Research Center uses Snap WebHost installed on their own servers to administer and manage surveys.

More and more Snap Surveys customers are choosing the unique benefits of an in-house installation of Snap WebHost. We asked Michael Roberts, Research Operations Manager at Endicott College Research Center, about their current survey projects, and why their team preferred an in-house installation of Snap WebHost.


Endicott College Research CenterEndicott College Research Center uses Snap WebHost to administer Accreditation surveys for schools all over New England (secondary schools accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)) as well as all over the world (The NEASC Commission on International Education (CIE) and The Council of International Schools – (CIS)). They work in conjunction with these accreditation bodies to help these schools with the Self Study portion of their accreditation renewal report. Surveys are administered via Snap WebHost to every student, faculty member, staff member, and parent in the school community. They then collate the results from each response group into a cohesive report.  Continue reading

Enhance Learning with a Course Evaluation System

Your educational institution can enhance student learning through the use of a comprehensive Course Evaluation System

Course Evaluations gather insightful and valuable data used to develop strategies to improve the quality of student learning. Course evaluation surveys give students the opportunity to provide direct, honest feedback with regard to numerous aspects of a course, including: course content, classroom environment and accommodations, and teaching effectiveness. They are an essential tool in education to collect constructive feedback from students, which helps educators develop ideas to enhance course content and improve teaching methods.

course eval


The key advantage of implementing a comprehensive course evaluation system at your educational institution is the ability to provide all staff from instructors to department and administrative staff with a comprehensive solution for the design and administration of effective course evaluation surveys.  Continue reading

5 Tips: Increase Response Rates of Course Evaluations

Common features of an online course evaluation and 5 tips you can use to increase course evaluation response rates

algood-course-evaluationCapture_Course_EvalThere is no surprise that there has been an increased growth in the use of survey software for online course evaluations. Many colleges and universities have acquired integrated survey software systems that take a hybrid approach to survey administration, offering a choice of paper, online, or mobile survey administration. This allows higher education survey researchers to better match the method of survey administration to the needs and preferences of respondents. Continue reading

Manage a Panel Project of Online Course Evaluations

Create a project of course evaluation surveys with Snap Survey Software

laptop-course-evaluationsEducation institutions are increasingly using the panel surveys functionality in Snap WebHost, Snap Surveys’ online survey management platform, to manage a panel project of surveys (or evaluations) for students so they may complete online course evaluations over a period of time. Continue reading

Common Course Evaluation Survey for Multiple Courses

Create a Common Course Evaluation Survey for Multiple Courses 

We have created a new worksheet for our survey software users. Learn how to send student respondents to a course evaluation survey, which they complete once for each course they have taken. When a student has completed a course evaluation, that version is marked as completed and no longer available to the student. All student responses are analyzed collectively, so you can make direct comparisons between evaluations of different courses, years, and more.

Creating a common course evaluation survey for multiple courses is easy with Snap Survey Software by linking a common course evaluation survey (also known as an iterative survey) to a database that lists all the courses that a student has completed. Snap WebHost, our online survey management system, then provides each student with the online course evaluation survey appropriate to them. Continue reading

Reminder: Snap Survey Software at NEAIR in Boston this Sunday!

Come visit us at NEAIR in Boston starting this Sunday, Dec. 3rd!

The 38th Annual NEAIR Conference presented by the North East Association for Instructional Research will take place at The Boston Park Plaza and Towers in Boston, MA, December 3 – 6, 2011.  Continue reading

NEAIR 2011 Conference

Plan Ahead: Come Visit Snap Survey Software at NEAIR in Boston

The 38th Annual NEAIR Conference presented by the North East Association for Instructional Research will take place in Boston, MA, December 3 – 6, 2011. 

The North East Association for Instructional Research (NEAIR) is an individual membership driven organization that promotes institutional effectiveness in postsecondary education through excellence in the field of institutional research. NEAIR’s mission is to focus on facilitating the professional development of its members while promoting best practice and ensuring integrity in institutional research. The theme of this year’s conference is Leading the Charge for Institutional RenewalContinue reading