5 Tips: Increase Response Rates of Course Evaluations

Common features of an online course evaluation and 5 tips you can use to increase course evaluation response rates

algood-course-evaluationCapture_Course_EvalThere is no surprise that there has been an increased growth in the use of survey software for online course evaluations. Many colleges and universities have acquired integrated survey software systems that take a hybrid approach to survey administration, offering a choice of paper, online, or mobile survey administration. This allows higher education survey researchers to better match the method of survey administration to the needs and preferences of respondents. Continue reading

6 Tips for Designing Effective Course Evaluations

Here are 6 tips you can use to design effective course evaluations 

algood-course-evaluationBefore embarking on the design of your course evaluation, you should determine what your goals are for this research – what information would you like to acquire? And, what will you use this information for?  Do you want feedback on student satisfaction with course structure, effective teaching methods of instructors, or communication of administrators?  No matter what feedback you decide you want to gather through your course evaluations, you need to ensure that you create questions with proper wording that will draw out the feedback you are looking to obtain. Continue reading