Survey Software for Healthcare Organizations

Following on from National Public Health week, which is recognized at the start of every April, we’ve taken a look at how survey software is being used by healthcare organizations such as the NHS.

NHS Trusts are required to collect feedback and conduct assessments on patients and staff, as well as undertaking a range of audits and research projects. The wide range of questionnaires and surveys that each NHS Trust needs to complete can be complicated to administer. It’s often difficult and time consuming to collate responses, analyze them, and determine useful insights and develop ongoing improvements from the data.

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Multi method surveys deliver for University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

You can’t beat hearing the patient’s own words and stories when it comes to having a profound impact on the organisation. That human element can be a big driver for change,”
says Paul Lewis, Patient Involvement Co-ordinator for UK University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.

“At the same time, though, you need robust patient experience data to be assured that a high level of service is being provided and to accurately measure progress on service improvement initiatives. We therefore take a multi-method approach to gathering patient feedback.”

Paul’s role involves bringing the patient’s viewpoint into the organisation by focusing on quantitative surveys, while a colleague adds depth and understanding to the numbers through qualitative methods such as focus groups, interviews and community engagement activities. “Along with providing clinical care and ensuring patient safety, patient experience has come to the forefront as a prime element of what constitutes good quality care in the NHS,” explains Paul.

This is quite a task for University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, as it includes eight busy hospitals which between them see hundreds of thousands of patients a year.

Read how Paul uses Snap’s multi-mode capability to capture and report on patient experience (links to a PDF)