Snap Survey Software How-to: Add Slider Control Questions to Online Surveys

Learn how to add slider control questions to your online surveys using Snap Survey Software

What are slider controlsSlider controls are graphical image-based controls for collecting data in an online survey. The slider control tool includes graphics and templates to make it quick and easy to add simple slider bars to a published online survey. Here is an example of a slider control:





Slider controls add value to your online surveys and are an innovative way to engage survey respondents. Why not give slider controls a try in your next online survey?

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Mobile Surveys for Smartphones and Other Mobile Devices

Get the tools you need to create mobile surveys for Smartphones and other mobile devices

Mobile technology has had a significant impact on the way businesses conduct surveys. Snap Mobile Anywhere for Snap Survey Software enables users to run mobile surveys on mobile devices, including: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Smartphone, Tablet PC, and Kiosk.

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Optimize Your Business Website for Mobile Devices

Optimize your business website for mobile devices

Consumers are spending a large amount of time and money on mobile devices and services, yet many businesses still do not have their website optimized for mobile use. It is no surprise that technology, especially mobile technology, is having a significant impact on the way companies conduct every facet of their business online.

When it comes to online research, companies are not adapting as quickly to mobile technology changes, in particular when it comes to online surveys and mobile surveys. On the contrary, survey respondents are quick to adapt to completing online surveys via Smartphones and other mobile devices. Completing a conventional online survey on a mobile device without it being optimized for proper viewing ability on the screens of mobile devices can be a challenge for survey respondents. Issues in screen optimization may cause respondents to close the survey without completing it, jeopardizing response rates. When it comes to online surveys, ignoring the use of Smartphones and mobile devices is not an option.  Continue reading

Have You Tried Mobile Surveys Yet?

It’s about time to give mobile surveys a try!

Give your respondents the flexibility to access mobile surveys on-the-go. Surveys are delivered directly to respondents’ mobile devices, and can be completed at their convenience. Easily connect and engage with your audience. Mobile surveys give you  access to respondents and survey data with more flexibility, at a faster rate or return, and at economical costs. Continue reading

10 Tips for Administering Online Surveys

10 Great Tips for Administering Online Surveys

  1. Create a good first impression on the survey email invitation or introduction on the survey’s website. Avoid bulk-emailing programs if possible, unless they use identified email addresses.
  2. Give the survey a short, clear title. A comprehensible survey title will provide more impact to a respondent and give your online survey credibility.
  3. Be clear in your survey instructions on how to properly complete the online survey. Use short, direct sentences with simple vocabulary.
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Accessibility and Convenience of Mobile Surveys

Make Surveys More Accessible and Convenient for Respondents with Mobile Surveys

In today’s mobile world, you need your surveys to be available anytime, from anywhere, giving respondents a greater range of accessibility and convenience. Mobile survey research can accomplish more than traditional methods of survey research such as online surveys or paper surveys. In fact, when used in conjunction with traditional methods of survey research, mobile surveys can help to broaden the reach and increase response rates. Continue reading

Free Webinar This Wednesday to Preview Snap 11 Survey Software

Preview Snap 11 Survey Software on Wednesday!

This Wednesday, we’ll introduce you to Snap 11 Survey Software. Snap 11 offers survey software users substantial additions of analysis and smart reporting functionality, as well as new survey templates, and charts and graphs. We will also familiarize users with our enhancements to Snap WebHost, our online survey management system, and Snap Mobile Anywhere for advanced mobile surveys.

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Proven Experience with Snap Mobile Anywhere for Mobile Surveys

How are customers using Snap Mobile Anywhere for mobile surveys?

Have you ever lost connectivity with your mobile phone or other mobile device during field research? If you have, you know it’s a serious problem. You’re happily inputting data when, suddenly, your internet connection drops. More often than not, you also lose the attention of your respondent, who may discover they have better things to do while you’re waiting to see if you can conjure up a new wireless connection. This is just one of the problems that can be solved by using Snap Mobile Anywhere.

Snap Mobile Anywhere is a mobile interviewing app for Snap Survey Software, which enables users to run surveys on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android, and Windows devices. It allows a two-way flow of information in real-time between field interviewers and the researcher. So, as soon as a researcher updates a survey, the interviewer in the field sees the latest version. Snap Mobile Anywhere also sends data back from the field automatically. Continue reading

Improve Survey Data Quality with Respondent Engagement

Survey Data Quality Can Improve with Respondent Engagement

What is the effect of survey design on data quality? It is no surprise that questionable respondents (bad respondents from a sample) have an impact on the data quality of online surveys. In order to ensure the quality of research data, researchers must remove any questionable respondents. In addition and just as important, researchers must focus on designing surveys that keep respondents engaged. When researchers effectively use the many available design tools offered by their survey software solution, they are taking the necessary steps toward enhancing respondents’ experiences and the quality of data produced. Continue reading

Blog Series: 10 Issues to Consider when Designing Online Surveys, Issue #2

10 Issues to Consider when Designing Online Surveys, Issue #2

Throughout this blog series, we are covering the 10 issues that arise in online survey design. We move on to issue #2.

Issue #2: Respondent attention 

As mentioned in issue #1, your data collection method (i.e. online survey, paper survey, mobile survey) can have an impact on how questions are read and interpreted by respondents, thus producing varied response rates. Similarly, there are survey questions that place a heavier burden on respondents’ memory and comprehension.  These types of questions are also likely to draw a low response rate if asked in a different data collection method.

Experts in the field of survey data collection by means of phone surveys or face-to-face interviews can confirm that asking a respondent a ranking question with 10+ items can overwhelm respondents. Continue reading