Employee and Human Resources Surveys: Reviewing Date & Time Data and Literal Data Use in Your Survey

When planning your Employee Survey or Human Resources Survey it is common that you might use both Date & Time Data as well as Literal Data in your research. Date and Time data (Interval Data) arise from open questions with a date or time response and Literal data arises from open questions with a literal or free text response.  Continue reading

Employee Satisfaction Surveys – Choosing the Right Data Type for Your Survey

When preparing an employee survey or employee questionnaire, the questions you select directly impact your survey success.   When you reach the analysis and reporting stage, the tables, charts and statistics produced relies on the ‘type’ of data that is provided from the questionnaire you’ve prepared.  Each response gives information that is either qualitative or quantitative and depending on your objectives, understanding each data type is critical in order to formulate a questionnaire that gets the detailed data you need from your successful employee survey. Continue reading