Run Snap Mobile Surveys on Kiosks

Find out more about running mobile surveys in kiosk mode

The latest release of Snap Mobile Anywhere has enhanced the functionality for surveys running in kiosk mode. We have developed a helpful worksheet which covers running mobile surveys on an iPad, an Android, a tablet, or on a kiosk.

Snap-Mobile-SurveysHow does it work? Mobile surveys can be loaded onto a kiosk over the Internet using Snap Mobile Anywhere. You can then set-up the device in kiosk mode and select which survey to administer. Once in kiosk mode, the device will only display the selected survey. It’s that easy to set-up! Continue reading

New Survey Software Features for Mobile Surveys

New mobile surveys features added for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android

We have added some new features to Snap Mobile Anywhere, Snap Surveys’ mobile interviewing (CAPI) add on module for Snap Survey Software, which enables users to run surveys on devices including: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Smartphone, Tablet PC, and Kiosk.

These new mobile surveys features include:

  • Statistics – you can now see a list of cases completed and cases uploaded by date and by interviewer / user name.
  • Kiosk mode – run the App in ‘full screen’ mode. iPads will need to be caged in a frame so the Home button is hidden.
  • Auto Sync on/off – decide whether the device auto syncs or syncing is done manually.
  • Use survey settings – choose between using the settings for timeout/partial submit as defined in the survey, or set up on the device.
  • Submit message – specify the message shown when a case is submitted.
  • Timeout message – specify the message shown when the case is timed-out due to inactivity. Continue reading

Will Mobile Surveys Replace Trade Show Lead Forms

The main objective of any trade show exhibit is to engage with attendees, build new relationships, generate a good number of sales leads, and collect business contacts. With the rise in popularity of mobile surveys, surveying trade show attendees just got easier.

Build a Lead Qualification Survey

A trade show lead qualification survey is really nothing more than a customer profiling form. When respondents provide answers to a pre-developed set of qualification questions and contact information, you’re collecting extremely valuable information that is used for the purpose of generating new sales.

When you capture trade show attendee data as part of a lead qualification survey, you’re creating warm leads – customers who have heard or recall something about your company. Warm leads are much easier to convert to the next stage in the sales process (as opposed to cold leads or cold calling). Warm leads are at least willing to have a conversation with you about your products and services.  Continue reading

Measuring Opinions, Values and Attitudes in Your Survey

When developing your survey, whether it’s an online survey, paper survey, kiosk or mobile survey, questions relating to opinions, values, and attitudes require careful consideration.  Because these are subjective questions about the thought processes and feelings of a respondent, they are not directly verifiable through external observation. Continue reading

Survey Questionnaire Design: Checklist for Factual (Behavioral) Questions

Whether you are designing an Online, Paper, Kiosk or Mobile Survey, this checklist of question development tips will help you to build the best survey questionnaire for your study. Continue reading

Surveys and The Components of Precision Questions

As you develop your online, kiosk, mobile or paper survey, you should be creating questions that are as precise as possible.  Precision questions have the highest degree of accuracy and truthfulness as a result of the Respondents ability to recall events with ease. 

When asking questions about behaviors and activities, the following components contribute to improving the precision of questions:  Continue reading

Online Surveys, Paper Surveys, Kiosk Surveys and Mobile Surveys: Understanding and Use of Factual Questions in your Questionnaire

Factual questions, also referred to as behavioral questions, are the most common type of question used in survey questionnaires.  Whether you are designing an online, paper, kiosk or mobile survey, this type of question usually asks about past or ongoing observable behaviors or events, which in theory, can be verified by other people.  Continue reading

Survey Design: Bias Caused by Question Order & Routing Respondents Through Survey Questions

When developing your survey questionnaire it is good practice to use filter questions to ensure respondents only answers questions relevant to them.  Whether it’s an online survey, kiosk survey, mobile survey or paper survey, the guidelines remain constant.  In the example below of an Online Customer Satisfaction Survey, examples of routing options are shown: Continue reading