Survey Software for Healthcare Organizations

Following on from National Public Health week, which is recognized at the start of every April, we’ve taken a look at how survey software is being used by healthcare organizations such as the NHS.

NHS Trusts are required to collect feedback and conduct assessments on patients and staff, as well as undertaking a range of audits and research projects. The wide range of questionnaires and surveys that each NHS Trust needs to complete can be complicated to administer. It’s often difficult and time consuming to collate responses, analyze them, and determine useful insights and develop ongoing improvements from the data.

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Successful PPE event

Snap Surveys were sponsors of the London Sexual Health Programme and London South Bank University event to launch the PPE Sexual Health toolkit on 18 May 2011.  170 people from around the country attended and enjoyed the presentations and marketplace presentations (sadly we didn’t win the best presentation in the marketplace!)

The toolkit is based on scoping of best practice and provides examples of best practice and resources to encourage patient engagement in sexual and reproductive health. It was launched by Baroness Gould, Chair of the all-party Parliamentary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health. Continue reading

New UK Dental Patient Experience Surveys

Snap Dental Patient Experience Survey image

Dental Patient Experience Survey Pack


Snap Surveys is pleased to announce the launch of a new patient experience survey package designed specifically for the dental industry. The survey package is simple to set up and use, and provides a mini-consultancy to help practices improve both performance and profitability.  It is also easily customised, allows practices to benchmark their results against their peers, and comes with full technical support.

In a recent survey*, 74% of people who had visited a dentist in the last 12 months said that their current dental practice had never asked them for any kind of feedback on the service they receive.  This is despite 91% of those surveyed saying they would find it helpful to be able to compare patient satisfaction ratings for different dental practices when choosing a new dentist.  Patient champion and top dental business consultant, Sheila Scott, feels very strongly about this, and has for the last 20 years been urging the dental industry to give patients a chance to feedback as she feels it is crucial to the growth of dentistry in the UK. Continue reading