Protect Health Data with Secure Online Surveys

Make better decisions and keep your patient health data safe and secure during online healthcare questionnaires, health evaluations, and medical research surveys

Snap WebHost for health_V2Healthcare questionnaires, health evaluations, and medical research surveys are all types of health-related online surveys that are frequently administered to individual patients. They include sensitive physical health information, and are used to help identify and evaluate risk factors for certain diseases and conditions; and to collect feedback to improve business operations and to enhance the patient experience. The main goal of any health-related survey is to provide recommendations to achieve better health and to create a healthier lifestyle. Continue reading

Available Survey Software Training Opportunites

Enjoy a variety of options for Snap 11 Survey Software trainingSnap-survey-software- trainingSnap Surveys offers a variety of convenient online training opportunities.  Whether you are new to Snap Survey Software or an advanced user, we have training opportunities that will fit your specific requirements. Training courses are offered in sessions scheduled at the your request, on a day and time that is convenient for you or your team. Online training courses can be customized to your specific needs.  We do offer training topics,  including:  Continue reading

Do Not Lead Respondents Toward Survey Answers

Do not lead your respondents toward specific survey answers

When developing survey questions, be sure not to inadvertently lead respondents to answer a question in a particular way or in favor of a particular option. It is important to give respondents all available response options, however, the question and it’s options should not be worded in a way that influences a respondents’ answers.

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