US Government Agencies Can Purchase Survey Software from GSA Schedules

GSA logo_Snap Survey Software on GSAUS government executive agencies, congress and judicial branches, some international organizations, and wholly owned government corporations are authorized by law to purchase off the GSA Schedules.*

What are the benefits to government agencies that purchase survey software from the GSA Schedule?

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What are the benefits to US customers purchasing Snap Survey Software on GSA Advantage?

There are many benefits of having Snap Surveys US on a GSA Schedule:

  • Snap Survey Software is easier to order compared to software products not on the schedule.
  • Snap Survey Software can be purchased at a government discount.
  • You can purchase directly from Snap Surveys or directly from the GSA Advantage website.
  • You will have shorter lead times and lower administrative costs.
  • You may not have to review competitive products or seek out alternative bids. If you are an agency or an organization eligible to purchase from GSA Schedule contracts, click here to view us on GSA Advantage. Or, you may contact Snap Surveys directly at for information on GSA survey software and service offerings, and preferred pricing.

Snap Surveys US has been awarded a GSA Schedule Contract, Contract Number: GS-35F-0173X effective January 11, 2011. View our listing on GSA Advantage!