Worksheet: Send Automated Email Notifications Upon Specific Reply

Access our helpful worksheet to learn how you can send automated email notifications ever time a specific reply is given

email alertsWe have created a helpful worksheet explaining how you can easily set-up automated email notifications when a specific reply is captured in an online survey.

With Snap WebHost, our online survey management system, you can send email invitations to a list of participants in your online survey, and you can also send an email to a specific email address if a particular answer is selected.  Continue reading

Measure Business Success with Surveys

Measure the Success of Your Business with Surveys

Measuring the success of your business is simple, right? All you have to do is take a look at your products and services to determine how successful your business is in the eyes of the great majority. You may use sales as a factor to gauge success. However, there are different factors and scenarios that can lead to successful sales. For example, say you are running a thriving promotional ad campaign on your Facebook page. This campaign has influenced many consumers to purchase your products; however, they purchase once and do not return.  How does short-term success effect your long-term success? To fully comprehend your target market, and to understand how and why consumers purchase your products, businesses must revert to the tried-and-true method of survey research.  Continue reading

Avoid These 6 Email Subject Line Mistakes

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, 6 Tips for Writing Email Subject Lines, the subject line in your survey email invitation is an essential aspect of your entire campaign. It is an element of the survey research process that could make or break your expected survey response rates.

What are the chances that respondents will actually open your survey email invitation and complete your survey? Unless you create a subject line that grabs respondents’ attention, they are likely to ignore it or delete it. Therefore, it is in your best interest to carefully plan your subject line.

As you work on your plan to create the “perfect” subject line that complements the content of your invitation, keep in mind the following 6 mistakes to avoidContinue reading