Contextual Reporting, New for Snap 11 Survey Software

Learn how to automate the management of multiple reports with Snap 11 Survey Software

Contextual Reporting, a Smart Reporting feature of Snap 11 Survey Software, can help you easily generate lists of reports from the same survey which contain data relevant to and configured to individual managers, departments, regions, etc. Once set-up, the relevant reports can be run over and over again. It’s an easy and effective way to automate the management of multiple reports. This comes in especially handy with course evaluations. Here is an example of a screenshot from a Contextualized Report.


You can view Smart Reporting options in action!  View the Snap 11 Survey Software preview webinars, now available to watch at your convenience.  Available reporting features, including Contextual Reporting in Snap 11 Survey Software, are available in Part 3 – Smart Reports.

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Create Multiple Reports for Survey Data Using Contexts

Learn how to set up a Snap Smart Report so it creates multiple reports with Snap Survey Software, dynamically selecting the data depending on the Context

multiple-reports-survey-software-contextsWe have created a new worksheet for Snap Survey Software users to demonstrate how to set up a Snap Smart Report so it creates multiple PDF reports with Snap dynamically selecting the data depending on the Context.

The previous worksheet we released, Understanding Contexts, explained how to change what data was used depending on the information stored in a Context variable and showed you how to set the current Context by using the global data set. The global data set allows you to set a Context manually. You can also tell Snap Survey Software to automatically create a report multiple times by using a Context data set. Continue reading

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