Why Leicestershire County Council Uses Snap WebHost In-House Installation

Learn why Leicestershire County Council uses Snap WebHost installed on their own servers to administer and manage surveys.

Many customers choose to install Snap WebHost on their servers instead of subscribing to ours. With Snap WebHost In-House Installation, you control how and where your survey data is stored, and you can work on your survey project without the limitation of a subscription.

Leicestershire County CouncilWe asked Leicestershire County Council why they chose a Snap WebHost installation over our Snap WebHost subscription service.

Why did you choose to install Snap Webhost on your own servers, rather than subscribing to our Webhost service?

“It was the fact that the data could be stored behind our own firewalls and security. Also there were no additional costs if we ran more surveys or received more responses than we expected.” Continue reading

Create Surveys That Complement Your Brand

Create customized surveys that complement your brand with Snap Survey Software

The look and feel of your survey can really make a difference. The advanced design tools of Snap Survey Software give you complete flexibility to create professional questionnaires that perfectly complement your organization’s brand.

Maintaining a consistent brand identity across all areas of the business is important to any organization. Why should it be any different with your online, paper, and mobile surveys? With Snap Survey Software, you have the tools you need to customize and brand your surveys. Consistent, branded surveys can boost the confidence of your respondents, which in return will maximize response rates. Continue reading