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See what you can do with Snap Survey Software to improve the design of your online surveys. We have provided information on several online survey design topics. 

Enhance Online Surveys with YouTube Videos

Send Triggered Email Alerts from Online Survey Responses

Improve Online Surveys through Customized Survey Design Features

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Commented reports

Practice benchmarking reports

Practice benchmarking reports

Automated reports which can include comments and benchmarking is a service we  now offer.

Our new Dental Patient Experience Survey includes automated reporting.  The report contains benchmarking and action points which depend on the individual practice scores. If  you are interested in bespoke automated reporting for your organisation
Find out more about Snap Smart Reporting

Automated PowerPoint decks

Automate PowerPoint deck production the easy way!

Automated PowerPoint decks

Automated PowerPoint decks

A recently published  report about software tools in the Market Research industry by Tim Macer makes interesting reading. On the market researcher wishlist, 46% of respondents wanted to automate the production of PowerPoint decks

Wish no more! Snap Surveys offer automated production of PowerPoint presentations (and PDF reports) as a service,  the Research Services team are already managing this service for a number of clients.

One client has 100 different versions of a PowerPoint deck  produced automatically  on a quarterly basis. The decks show how individual outlets are performing against regional and national benchmarks. Each outlet receives their own version as well as reports going to regional and national management teams.

47% of respondents in the survey also wanted the automated production of charts, we can do that too, and commented reporting! 

Snap Surveys solutions can add real value to the service you offer your clients and stakeholders.

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