Snap Surveys Partners with Cint to Increase Survey Research Capabilities

Snap Surveys has partnered with Cint, a provider of SaaS-based solutions for market research. The partnership includes the integration of Cint Direct Sample (CDS), enabling Snap Surveys clients to perform their own market research. Snap clients will have automated access to millions of high-quality online respondents worldwide, giving clients the tools to access sample panels to integrate into survey research projects. 

“I am delighted to see this new partnership take place. We share Cint’s vision of making high-quality market research available to everyone and through our partnership we are now offering our clients easy, fully integrated access to 6 million profiled respondents around the world at a compelling price. This will not only broaden our offering substantially, but also improve the user experience while speeding up the entire project management process,” says Dr. Stephen Jenkins, Managing Director at Snap Surveys.


To read the full press release issued by Cint, click here.


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