Snap Survey Software How-to: Attach Files to an Online Survey

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Learn how respondents can attach files as an answer to a question in an online survey using Snap Survey Software

AttachIt-feature-survey-softwareSnap Survey Software‘s AttachIt feature allows your respondents to attach files as answers to individual questions in your Snap WebHost online surveys.  You can create a literal question in a Snap WebHost online survey and allow respondents to attach a file in response. Files can be pictures, audio files, video files, or documents, up to 10Mb in size.

Once a file has been attached, Snap WebHost tags it with a unique identifier (ID) that relates it to that question and that response. You can have multiple attachment questions in a single questionnaire.

When the responses are submitted, you can download the attached files as zip files which can contain individual files, all the files, or files grouped by question or respondent.

We have developed a worksheet, Allowing respondents to attach files to a questionnaire, to demonstrate how you can use the AttachIt feature in your next online survey using Snap Survey Software.

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