Satisfied Employees Leads to Satisfied Customers

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Employee Satisfaction Produces Customer Loyalty

Satisfied employees help produce satisfied customers. Satisfied employees are likely to assist customers with a more pleasant demeanor and a higher level of customer service. This creates a more satisfying customer experience, increases customer loyalty, and ultimately drives increased profitability.  Conversely, low employee satisfaction and overall low employee morale can negatively effect company operations greatly, causing dissatisfied customers and hurt profitability.

Any business, including your business, needs to focus efforts on front-line service staff – those employees that have direct, daily contact with customers. The connection between front-line employees and customers should be at the center of management attention. Managers need to take into consideration the additional factors that yield profitability at every level in the organization, including: investment in good, quality workers; technology that supports front-line employees; concrete recruiting and training practices; and compensation linked to employee performance.

When you provide employees with the tools and skills they need, employee satisfaction rises as does the ability to service customers better. Employee satisfaction raises employee productivity, and higher productivity means greater service and value to your customers. This value leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, which promotes profitability and continued success.

There is a growing number of companies that place employees and customers at the forefront of the business. These companies understand that satisfied employees are more likely to go the extra mile to service a customer. If your employees feel appreciated and valued, they will likely be more pleasant and show a greater willingness to assist each customer and ensure each customer interaction is handled in accordance with the high standards set forth by your company.

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