Patient Surveys and Healthcare Satisfaction Surveys – Examining Non-Random Sampling Strategies for your Survey Needs

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In our previous post we discussed the types of random samples you may choose to use for your patient surveys or healthcare satisfaction survey. In addition to random samples, there are also some Non-Random Sampling Strategies to be considered.

There are many factors that come into consideration when deciding to use random or non-random samples such as cost, availability of students, and time constraints. For these reasons, Non-Random Sampling can be considered for your patient surveys and healthcare satisfaction surveys.

Here are some examples of Non-Random Samples:

Convenience Sampling – Using a group that is readily available such as patients in a waiting room and available to take part

• Advantages – Inexpensive and convenient
• Disadvantages – Not a random sample and unlikely to be representative of all patients that visit that clinic or doctor

Purposive Sampling – Selection of patients that are typical of “all” that took that use that particular healthcare facility

• Advantages – Helpful at the exploratory stage of our patient survey and also to gather data in the extremes in patient population
• Disadvantages – Again, not a random sample and it’s very easy for bias to slip into the selection process

Quota Sampling –Select a quota for each segment of your patient population such as females 18-20 years of age, males 18-20 years of age, females 20 and older, etc.

• Advantages – More representative of the total patient population than Convenience or Purposeful sampling alone
• Disadvantages – Not a random sample and it’s possible that the interviewer could introduce bias in selection or location

Understanding the factors that go into survey samples and choosing the right one for your patient survey or healthcare satisfaction survey is important to the outcome of your medical research. Reviewing your sample options and making an informed decision will assist you in gathering the information you need from your survey.

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