Lifestyle Survey Questions

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Lifestyle survey questions focus on a respondent’s activities, interests and opinions.  They are psychological questions aimed to identify groups or segments of population who can be identified by a combination of lifestyle characteristics, rather than traditional demographics.  These activities, interests and opinions questions (AIO Research), are used primarily in Market Research in combination with Cluster Analysis Techniques.  

Lifestyle questions when used in market research surveys may desire to know which segment of their clients would be most likely to buy a product or use a service, based on lifestyle choices.

Here is a typical example of a lifestyle survey question series:

When conducting your lifestyle survey, you will generally need to ask 30 to 40 questions to identify a lifestyle cluster.  After they’ve been identified, they are given labels.  Below are three ‘label’ examples:

  • Self-Confident Sports Enthusiasts
  • Health Conscious
  • Spontaneous Social Drinkers

These lifestyle clusters are then used in tables and charts to evaluate things such as population segments most likely to use specific products or services.  Because these lifestyle question series can be challenging to develop, many people use Survey Software programs to simplify the task.

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