New to Snap XMP: Get creative with survey questions

Survey question types

Here at Snap Surveys, we never stand still. Our survey platform – Snap XMP – is constantly evolving with new developments for our customers.

We have just added some exciting new ways to make surveys engaging, with new question type/style options aimed at holding participants’ interest.

Here are 5 of the latest additions.

Question Carousels

Grid questions (also known as matrix questions) are displayed in a scroll-through carousel, with questions and answers viewed in cards. When a participant selects their answer, the carousel displays the next question automatically.

A very visual way of presenting questions that promotes engagement – as the participant sees new questions by scrolling right instead of down.

This is a different experience and can ‘trick’ the brain into thinking it is less effort than scrolling down through the survey.

Inline Questions

When asking a follow-up question, Inline Questions ensure the question appears in the same space as the original question.

This reduces the amount of navigation needed from the participant and can make the survey appear shorter, as the questions are closely linked.

This can help keep them engaged and interested in responding.

Drag-and-drop Grids

Let respondents drag and drop their answers into the relevant boxes and rank them based on order of preference.

This is great for engaging the participant as it is fully interactive, helping to break up the survey and keep things fresh.

Compound Grids

Present multiple grid (aka matrix) questions side by side, where participants tick boxes to give their views.

Includes routing (aka skip logic) and masking to keep answer options relevant based on the answers already given.

Placeholder Text

Pre-populate your open-ended question answer boxes with placeholder text, offering guidance on the styling and format required for certain answers (such as dates of birth and email addresses).

This ensures participants are fully aware of what they need to do, increasing the chance you receive the information you need.

Better engagement, better responses with Snap XMP

By using these new question options in combination with each other, you give yourself a great chance of getting quality survey data from engaged respondents that will be happy to complete your next survey.

These are all available in our powerful survey platform – Snap XMP.

We offer an all-in-one survey platform for online survey design, distribution, analysis, and reporting. With a Marketplace of pre-built survey solutions and even an in-house Projects Team to help manage your survey if needed.

We are proud to have been a market leader in survey software since 1981 and guarantee first-class service and first-class commitment to data security.

If you think we can help, we’d love to hear from you!

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