Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Rating Scales and Measuring Performance

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When designing your Customer Satisfaction Survey, performance can be measured in two ways: 

1.    Using objective measures based on observable facts and behaviors 

  • How long did you wait for an appointment?
  • Did the receptionist use your name when addressing you? 

2.    Using respondent ratings based on levels of satisfaction or effectiveness. 

  • How satisfied were you with the doctor’s bedside manner?
  • How would you rate the doctor’s communication skills? 

Rating Scale questions ask the respondent to rate or evaluate satisfaction level for products, or services or specific aspects of products or services. 

This set of questions uses a simple rating scale from Very Good to Very Poor. The scale is balanced (equal positive and negative rating points) and has a neutral (OK) rating point. 

Rating scale questions in a customer satisfaction survey may be used to measure: 

1.  Level of Satisfaction:

          Scale (very satisfied to very dissatisfied)

2.  How well the product or service meets expectations:

          Scale (Exceeded Expectations to No expectations met) 

3.  How good or bad the product or service is:

          Scale (Very Good to Very Poor) 

4.  Level of Importance:

          Scale (Very Important to No Importance)

5.  Level of agreement with opinions:

          Scale (Completely Agree to Completely Disagree)

Customer Satisfaction Surveys are a critical part to growing and maintaining your customer base.  When planning your Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire, selecting the appropriate rating scale questions for your survey objectives will give you valuable information, making your customer survey a success.

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