Staying in contact with your staff while working from home

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the world in ways not seen in most of our lifetimes.

Social distancing and self-isolation has become the norm, with countries like Italy even under strict lockdown.

As many organisations allow employees to work from home, the question becomes:

How can I effectively manage staff from a distance?

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Tractivity customers gain greater insight into public and stakeholder opinion with a Snap survey solution

TractivitySnap Surveys has partnered with Tractivity part of UK based RE:SYSTEMS to provide customers with seamless survey management and reporting.

Surveys can now be created and managed using Snap’s advanced WebHost online and mobile survey management system, responses are integrated into Tractivity for reporting and analysis.

Mark Rutter, Head of Tractivity comments: “We approached Snap because their survey solutions are already widely used in Local Authorities. The team at Snap was also very open to working with us to develop a tailored solution for our customers.”

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Sport Wales: The School Sport Survey goes from strength to strength

Sport Wales is the national organisation responsible for developing and promoting sport and physical activity in Wales. The School Sport Survey is the largest survey, of any kind, of young people in the UK and possibly the largest survey of its kind in the world.

Sport Wales approached Snap’s Research Services team to manage the 2013 School Sport Survey.

  •  The online survey is split into a sport participation questionnaire which is completed by pupils and a sport provision questionnaire completed by a member of the sports teaching staff. 1328 primary, 222 secondary, 69 independent and 42 special schools were invited to take part.  
  • Snap’s online survey management solution collated over 100,000 responses and dealt with up to 5,000 simultaneous log-ins. 947 unique Smart Reports were produced in total. Responses and reports produced were more than double those of the last survey in 2011.

Becca Mattingley, Senior Research and Evaluation Officer at Sport Wales comments, “Snap Surveys provided us with an online survey solution that goes beyond what we had been able to achieve in previous years. “

Smart Reporting allowed us to produce a set of unique reports with data from multiple surveys providing our partners with a comprehensive set of high quality reports that they can use for sports development, educational and planning.”

If you’d like to find out more about fully secure online surveys and Smart Reporting get in touch.

Send Online Surveys to Targeted Survey Respondents

Snap Panel Samples let you send online surveys to a broad group of people or a targeted audience. You can specify the demographics or behavioral characteristics that you want for your online survey, and buy it directly from Snap Surveys via Snap WebHost, Snap’s online survey management and analysis platform.

Snap Panel Samples draw from the resources of our partner Cint, a global company, providing panels of respondents for survey completion. You can buy access to a panel of respondents supplied by Cint for any survey built for Snap WebHost. You do not need to set-up a database link or set up paradata for the panel.

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Snap Surveys joins forces with Leisure-net Solutions on new survey product

Dr Steve Jenkins, MD, Snap Surveys

Dr Steve Jenkins, managing director at Snap Surveys, comments: “We are delighted to be working with Leisure-net Solutions. This new survey product will be a cost-effective way
for organisations in the leisure industry to gather, analyse and benchmark vital staff and customer feedback.”

Leisure-net Solutions will for the first time be offering an online version of its market research services, allowing health clubs and leisure centres to conduct their own staff and member surveys. The Leisure-net branded surveys will be created and delivered as
part of a partnership deal with Snap Surveys. Continue reading