Online Survey Software to Create Compensation Surveys

Use online survey software to create compensation surveys 

Why are online compensation surveys important for business? If your business wants to become or remain competitive within their industry, the business needs to conduct regular compensation surveys.

Establishing a fair compensation level for employees is essential for any business. If your business underpays employees, you may find your employees seeking opportunities elsewhere for a higher paying position within another company, and potentially for competitor.  On the contrary, if your business overpays employees with regard to salary and benefits, the payroll budget and profitability of your business may suffer greatly. For these reasons, to best determine fair compensation for your employees, many companies use an online survey software solution to design and administer regular compensation surveys to gauge the compensation levels of all jobs offered in the company. Continue reading

Online Survey Software for Career Self Assessment Surveys

Use online survey software to create career self-assessment surveys

A career self assessment survey is a useful tool for determining the direction in which you want to take your career. Career surveys help people to identify unique interests, skills, and values as they relate to employment options. Students in high school and college frequently make use of career assessment resources such as an available online career survey to help them assess and decide on the direction they want to take their career. An online survey software solution is an effective solution for developing career assessment surveys. Continue reading

Do You Really Know What Your Customers See?

What do your customers see and experience?

As we continue to recognize National Customer Service Week, we invite you to view an interesting blog post by Sam Fiorella, Chief Strategist at Sensei Marketing. Do you know what your customer doesn’t see? Sam gives us an interesting customer perspective – what they really see and experience.

Your customer does not see how unrealistic their demands are. They see how you respond.

Your customer does not see your profit and loss statement, nor do they care. They see their shrinking wallet and what you plan on doing to help them with that.

Your customer does not see the price of a product. They see the value it gives them.

Your customer does not see the volumes of transactional and demographic data you’re collecting. They see that you’ve offered a product that you’re overstocked on rather than a product they need.

Your customer does not see the 754 unread emails in your inbox. They see your attempt to reach out and just say “hello”. Continue reading

Generate Brand Recognition Surveys to Measure Brand Awareness

Measure the effectiveness of your brand awareness with brand recognition surveys

What is brand recognition? When a consumer refers to a product or service as a household name, for example: Pepsi, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Target, or Kleenex, the consumer is speaking of its brand recognition (or brand awareness). The consumer recognizes and associates the golden arches with McDonald’s, or the swoosh design with Nike, and they are conditioned to refer to a tissue as “a Kleenex.”

From small businesses to large corporations, brand recognition is important. Brand recognition refers to how people, preferably in your market niche, are aware of your company’s name and the products and services you offer. A company brand, however, isn’t just about the company name. A company brand can be represented as a logo or design that identifies with your company’s products or services, and differentiates it from competitive brands. Additionally, a brand must exemplify what  your company stands for, and resonate in the minds of consumers. Your brand also has to communicate the value of your products or services, and do so in a way that consumers can remember – despite the thousands of marketing and adverting campaigns that consumers are bombarded with on a daily basis. Continue reading

Bias in Face to Face Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Is there bias in face to face customer satisfaction surveys?

Let’s say you decide to try a new restaurant. The friendly waitress suggests wines as well as offers appetizer and dinner specials. You decide to skip the appetizer and just order your main dish off the menu. Your meal arrives promptly with good sized portions, beautifully presented, and your waitress leaves you to enjoy your meal.  There is just one problem. The food tastes horrible! It certainly isn’t the worst meal you have ever had, but it’s a meal that is plain and very little flavor. The restaurant did not make any mistakes, but you have no intention of returning the meal and demanding a new one. Instead, you quietly continue to eat your meal and make a mental note that you would never return to the restaurant. Continue reading

What Happens When Respondents Complete an Online Survey?

You can choose what happens when respondents complete an online survey

Using Snap Survey Software, you can choose what respondents view when they complete an online survey, including:

  • send respondents to the Snap Survey Software default thank you page;
  • send respondents to a web page of your choice; or
  • close the survey window.

» Visit Snap Surveys Help to find out how 

Go one step further! You can customize a thank you page to the individual respondent, or send them to specific web pages based on answers given in the online survey.

Continue reading

Are You Considering Online Survey Software?

Are You Considering Online Survey Software? 

Online surveys are a great tool to gather informal data quickly and efficiently. Online survey software solutions are cost-effective tools for designing and administering online surveys, with the capability of analyzing survey results in one centralized software system.

There are a variety of available online survey software solutions. Simple online survey tools will allow you to create simple surveys with basic formatting and administration options, and basic analysis tools. More advanced online survey software solutions, however, have more sophisticated functionality ideal for planning more complex formatting, survey question logic, and advanced analysis capabilities. More advanced online survey software solutions contain the following features:  Continue reading

Conduct Gap Analysis in Survey Software

What is Gap Analysis in Snap Survey Software?

Advanced survey software solutions provide the capabilities to conduct Gap Analysis. Gap Analysis shows the difference between how important attributes are to your survey respondents and how satisfied respondents are with those attributes. Gap Analysis is a useful way to compare the results from your satisfaction survey questions and importance survey questions, and allows for easy interpretation.

By comparing satisfaction and importance scores on your chart, you can use gap analysis to identify priorities for improvement.

Gap Analysis indicates that if the satisfaction bar is shorter than the importance bar, the company may be experiencing an issue! Below is an example of a Gap Analysis chart. Continue reading

3 Customer Loyalty Survey Mistakes

As we defined in yesterday’s blog post, Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer Loyalty, customer loyalty consists of two factors – loyalty behavior and loyalty attitudes. Loyalty behavior (or customer retention) is when customers make repeat purchases of current brands, rather than buy from competitor brands. And, loyalty attitudes are opinions and feelings about products, services, brands, or businesses that are associated with repeat purchases.

Customer loyalty is a critical component of maintaining a successful, long-term business. Customers that are vigilant users of your products or services are more likely to be repeat customers and recommend your business to others – keeping the business relationship alive and away from your competition.

Customer loyalty programs can be implemented into your overall business plan and be used to expand your business. Consider using online survey software to create customer loyalty surveys. Many experts believe that online customer loyalty surveys are a strong research method. By allowing customers to provide feedback and be more involved in the company experience, your business is building a stronger loyalty base and bond with your customers. Implementing a regular customer loyalty survey may cause a noticeable positive shift in your company’s overall loyalty. Continue reading

Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer Loyalty

What is the difference between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty?

First, we will define each term. Customer Satisfaction is a measurement of customer attitudes regarding products, services, and brands. Customer Loyalty on the other hand has two definitions. Customer Loyalty consists of loyalty behavior (also referred to as customer retention) which is the act of customers making repeat purchases of current brands, rather than choosing competitor brands. Secondly, Customer Loyalty encompasses loyalty attitudes which are opinions and feelings about products, services, brands, or businesses that are associated with repeat purchases. At times, customers display loyalty behavior without having loyalty attitudes.  Vice versa, occasionally customers show loyalty attitudes without exhibiting any loyalty behavior. Continue reading