Market Research: Get To Know Your Survey Terminology

When working in market research, get to know your survey terminology

multi-mode-surveyWhether you are a seasoned market researcher with extensive knowledge of survey methodology, a beginner designing your first survey, or a new market research analyst, some of the terminology used can be a little confusing and it takes some time to comprehend. Here are some commonly used survey research terms and their definitions. Continue reading

Survey Software: A Great Solution for Market Research

Survey Software: A Great Tool for Market Research 

market-research-surveysSnap Surveys understands that researchers need a powerful and flexible survey software solution. Designed in collaboration with our experienced in-house research team, Snap Survey Software delivers innovative design, distribution, reporting and analysis tools that researchers can use to gather the insights they need.

Administering surveys is one of the most common and effective market research methods. Surveys help researchers understand their current markets better and use that data to develop strategies that will help them remain viable in their markets, as well as find the best ways to enter new or emerging markets. However, administering market research surveys doesn’t have to be an complex and time-consuming process. Continue reading