45 Words & Phrases to Avoid in Email Subject Lines

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Learn the 45 words & phrases you should avoid in Email Subject Lines

Email in InboxWith any online survey email invitation, survey researchers face a number of challenges. It is especially challenging to send a survey to participants who have never heard of your company or are unaware of what you are trying to achieve from your survey research. Challenges include deliverability, open rates, and conversion rates (the successful completion of your survey). Because of these challenges, it is an essential step in the survey research process to carefully plan an email invitation subject line that passes through spam filters, seizes participants’ attention and persuades them to open the questionnaire, and submit completed responses.

The best email subject lines are short, descriptive, and provide survey participants with a solid reason to open your email invitation. Unfortunately, all too often, the subject line is not well planned. Spam filters may block you (even if you email to an opt-in list) simply based upon words or phrases used in your subject line. Here are the words/phrases that will likely get your email invitation blocked:

Act now! All natural As seen on Attention
Bad credit Bargain Best price Billion
Certified Dear friend Decision Discount
Double your income Eliminate debt Extra income Fast cash
Fees Financial freedom FREE Guarantee
Hot Increase Join millions Lose weight
Lowest price Make money fast Marketing Million dollars
Money Money making No medical exams No purchase necessary
Online pharmacy Opportunity Partners Performance
Rates Satisfaction guaranteed Search engine listings Selling
Success Trial Visit our website 100% free*

In addition, avoid formatting blunders, such as all capital letters (e.g . OPEN), letters with spaces between them (e.g. O P E N), and excessive punctuation (e.g., O.P.E.N). The symbols that will likely get your email blocked are: !!!, $$$, and 100% (e.g. 100% free*).

Source: Act-On Software, eBook: 12 Tips for Amazingly Effective Email Subject Lines.

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