25 Ways to Increase Survey Response Rates

Here are 25 ways you can increase your survey response rates

  1. Shorten your survey. Keep the goal of your survey in mind when creating your questions. Don’t overload the survey with unnecessary questions.
  2. Send an email notification (or paper notification for paper surveys) notifying participants that they will be receiving your survey.
  3. Tell respondents what the purpose of the research is and how their feedback will be used.
  4. increase-survey-response-ratesBe considerate of respondents’ time. Let them know how long the survey will take to complete.
  5. Show a progress bar. Respondents want to know how much longer the survey will take.
  6. Change the subject line in the email invitation.
  7. Change the ‘From’ name in the email invitation.
  8. Double check links are working correctly in the email invitation.
  9. Send 1 or 2 reminders to those that have not completed the survey.
  10. Optimize your surveys for all devices – desktop PCs to mobile devices.
  11. Check on the usability of your survey. Is it easy to access? Continue reading