12 Questions For Your Working From Home Survey

Employees communicating via video chat.

Working from home surveys can help ensure a smooth transition from office working to remote working.

For many organisations, the drastic need to implement remote working following the Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging. It’s also an entirely new experience for most employees around the world.

Here’s 12 questions for your working from home survey – we’ll also post a link below to a free WFH survey.

1. How do you feel about working from home?

This will set the tone for the rest of the questionnaire

2. Have you worked from home before?

If it’s a new experience for an employee then they’ll need extra support to ensure they can adjust to this new way of working.

3. Have you established a good work routine?

Working alternative hours may be necessary due to child care, but if someone is logging in periodically over the course of a day and night, this may not be a healthy situation.

4. Are you taking regular breaks?

From walking to the printer to making a cup of coffee – we spend a fair amount of time away from our desks at work. But when you’re home, it’s easy to feel guilty if you aren’t sat down working.

5. Do you have a healthy work and life balance when working from home?

It’s important to get fresh air – whether it’s a lunchtime walk, a break in the garden or exercise after work.

6. Are you less productive, equally productive, or more productive than when working in the office?

If the answer is less then there’s obviously a problem, but if an employee is at least as productive as the office, then perhaps remote working can be a permanent option in some capacity.

7. Do you have a suitable workspace?

A workspace will help people get in work mode – whether it’s a dining room table or a home office.

8. Are you in regular contact with your team and manager?

Communication is more important than ever when remote working – both from a productivity standpoint as well as team-building.

9. Do you feel trusted to work from home?

If the answer is no then you need to find out why, as this isn’t good for morale.

10. Do you feel your organisation is providing the proper support?

Again, you need to investigate any negative answers and find out what employees feel they need from you.

11. Do you have all the equipment needed to fulfil your role to your usual standard?

This is crucial. Your employees need the same equipment as they would in the office, otherwise their performance may suffer and their stress can increase.

12. Do you enjoy working from home?

If employees are productive and hitting deadlines, remote working could be a long-term possibility if many employees enjoy it. It can improve morale and therefore retention, plus prove attractive to prospective employees when you’re recruiting.

Here’s your free working from home survey

We hope this helps!

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