Scanning Summary dialog

The Scanning Summary dialog opens by clicking Statistics button on the data entry window toolbar in scanning mode.

Map from case

This provides a set of colour coded blocks representing the current cases in the survey.

Map from caseDescription
An unscanned page or case. The case may have been entered without scanning, set to unscanned, or the image may have been deleted.
A page/case that has been scanned, but is skewed and needs deskewing or manual keying. 
A page/case that has been scanned but not detected.
A page/case that has been scanned and detected.
A page/case needs keying or cleaning.
The more red on the image the greater the amount of keying or cleaning required on the case.

View options

Scan/DeskewShow scanned data and cases that need deskewing.
KeyingShow keyed data.
CleaningShow cleaned data.
StatisticsOpens the Data Entry Statistics window.
PageSelect the page in a multi-page questionnaire to view.
VariableSelect variable you wish to check (Keying/Cleaning modes)
MethodClick  to select the error types to search for in Cleaning mode.
All Reply: every code has been selected.
Error: has an error response.
Multiple responses to a single: multiple responses have been given to a single response question.
No Reply: no response received.
Unknown: the question has not been recognised.

Mark As

CompletedShow the selected cases as completed.
Deskew NowForce deskewing to be applied now.
Needs KeyingMark that selected cases need to be entered by hand.
Needs DeskewingDelete the deskew files (.scf) on selected cases.
Needs CleaningMark that selected cases need cleaning.
Needs ScanningDelete the image files (.tif) for selected cases.

Other options

OMR InfoOpen the OMR (Optical Mark Reading) Information dialog to identify ticks that are too dark or too light.
RotateOpen the Rotate Sheets dialog to rotate the selected page(s).