Data entry statistics

Snap XMP Desktop calculates statistics about the speed of data entry and whether there were errors.

Viewing the statistics

  1. Click Data Entry  DataEntryIcon.png on the Snap Desktop toolbar to display the Data Entry window for the selected survey.
  2. Click Statistics  StatisticsIcon.png  on the Data Entry toolbar to display the Data Entry Statistics window. The statistics available vary depending on the type of survey and data entry method. If you have scanning enabled, this displays a scanning summary.

Explanation of statistics

Total number of casesTotal raw data cases stored for all editions of the current survey.
Number of deleted casesNumber of cases deleted for all editions of the current survey.
Number of verified casesNumber of cases verified for all editions of the current survey. Note that verified cases become unverified if they have been changed so this value may vary over time.
Verified case rateNumber of verified cases divided by the number of cases across all editions, expressed as a percentage
Verification case error rateThe percentage of verified cases with errors.