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Publishing the questionnaire

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Testing the questionnaire

Prior to publication, it is recommended that you test the questionnaire. You can check that the questionnaire is working in the way you want before making it available to the survey participants.

  1. Click Publish on the Questionnaire toolbar. In Method, select Preview only.
Publish with preview only
  1. Click Publish to run a preview of the questionnaire in a web browser. This allows you to enter some test replies and try out the routing instructions. The test replies are not saved. If you need to make any changes, return to the questionnaire, make the changes and repeat the testing process.

Publish the questionnaire

Your questionnaire is now ready for publication, a process that creates a version of the questionnaire that is accessible on a web browser.

  1. Click Publish on the Questionnaire toolbar. In Method, select Publish without preview.
Publish without preview
  1. Click Publish. This creates a published version including all online editions, such as PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone.

Printing the paper questionnaire

  1. Click Print Preview PrintPreviewIcon.png on the Questionnaire toolbar.
  2. A print preview of the paper edition is shown. Use the navigation arrows in the Printing Options dialog to view different pages.
Printing Options navigation bar
  1. Click Number of copies and change the number of copies printed.
  2. Click Printer setup and select the printer you want to use to print or print to a file.
  3. Click Print to print the survey to a printer or file.