Get Survey Variable

Get the details of a variable of a survey.

Changes from v1.0

  • The response now shows the ‘surveyId’ property at the top and has the variable inside a ‘variable’ property.
  • The ‘id’ property has been removed from the response.



Get the details of the specific variable identified by the variableId path variable of the specific survey identified by the surveyId path variable.


Path parameters

Path parameterDescription
{surveyId}The id of the survey. This is the survey GUID and not the Interview URL.
{variableId}The unique V number of the variable.
This is the variable Id property returned in the Get Survey Variables end-point.

Query string parameters


Sample Request

curl --location --request GET 'http://localhost/snaponline/api/surveys/e819df57-0a01-4592-a7aa-8918dbe54e00/variables/V46' \
--header 'X-USERNAME: {USERNAME}' \
--header 'X-API-KEY: {APIKEY}' \
--header 'X-VERSION: 2.0'

(In the above code, replace {APIKEY} with your actual API key and {USERNAME} with your actual username.)

Sample Response

200 OK with body:

    "surveyId": "6834a5f1-46e5-4b12-9e0c-a38a3d9be12c",
    "variable": {
        "order": 15,
        "variableId": "V48",
        "label": "Which facilities did you visit?",
        "name": "Q2",
        "questionText": "Which facilities did you visit?",
        "variableTypeId": 6,
        "responseTypeId": 2,
        "variableType": "Question",
        "responseType": "Multiple",
        "codeCount": 3,
        "codes": [
                "codeIndex": 1,
                "codeValue": 1,
                "codeLabel": "Restaurant / Cafe"
                "codeIndex": 2,
                "codeValue": 2,
                "codeLabel": "Gift Shop"
                "codeIndex": 3,
                "codeValue": 3,
                "codeLabel": "Customer Services"

Response Definitions

Response Item Description Data Type
surveyIdThe survey Id.String: containing GUID
variableThe variable.Object
variable/orderThe positional order of the variable.Integer
variable/variableIdThe V number of the variableString
variable/labelThe label of the variable.String
variable/nameThe name of the variable.String
variable/questionTextThe question text of the variable. i.e. the question shown to the respondent.String
variable/variableTypeIdThe numeric code for the variable type.Integer:
Unknown = 0, Precoded = 1, Numeric = 2, Alphanumeric = 3, Derived = 5, Question = 6, Note = 7
variable/responseTypeIdThe numeric code for the response type.Integer:  
Unknown = 0, Single = 1, Multiple = 2, Quantity = 3, Literal = 4, None = 5, Date = 6, Time = 7
variable/variableTypeThe type of the variable.String:  
“Unknown”, “Precoded”, “Numeric”, “Alphanumeric”, “Derived”, “Question”, “Note”.
variable/responseTypeThe response type of the answer.String:
“Unknown”, “Single”, “Multiple”, “Quantity”, “Literal”, “None”, “Date”, “Time”
variable/codeCountIf a choice question this states the number of codes. If not a choice question then this will be 0.Integer
variable/codesA list of codes.List: containing objects
variable/codes/codeIndexThe index of the variable code.Integer
variable/codes/codeValueThe value of the variable code.Integer
variable/codes/codeLabelThe label of the variable code.String

HTTP Status Codes

  • 200 OK
  • 404 Not Found – if survey variable does not exist.

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