Delete Participant

Delete an existing participant of a survey.


Method               Url

Delete the existing participant identified by the participantUniqueId path variable of the specific survey identified by the surveyId path variable.


Path parameters

Path parameter Description
{surveyId}The id of the survey. This is the survey GUID and not the Interview URL.
{participantUniqueId}The participantUniqueId is either the login name if a logged in survey or else the email address.

Query string parameters


Sample Request

curl --location --request DELETE 'https:// <servername>/snaponline/api/surveys/20dbe888-ec99-4895-b094-e34084f9408f/participants/E' \
--header 'X-USERNAME: {USERNAME}' \
--header 'X-API-KEY: {APIKEY}' \
--header 'X-VERSION: 2.0'

(In the above code, replace {APIKEY} with your actual API key and {USERNAME} with your actual username.)

Sample Response

No response

Response Definitions

No response definition

HTTP Status Codes

200 OK

404 Not Found

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