Delete Participant Subject

Delete a subject from a participant of a survey.


Method Url

Delete the specific subject identified by the subjectName path variable from the specific participant identified by the participantUniqueId path variable of the specific survey identified by the suurveyId path variable.

Note: You cannot delete the subject of a non-group questionnaire. On a group questionnaire you cannot delete a subject if there would be no subjects remaining.


Path parameters

Path parameter Description
{surveyId}The id of the survey. This is the survey GUID and not the Interview URL.
{participantUniqueId}The participantUniqueId is either the login name if a logged in survey or else the email address.
{subjectName}The subjectName of the participant.

Query string parameters


Sample Request

curl --location --request DELETE 'https:// <servername>/snaponline/api/surveys/20dbe888-ec99-4895-b094-e34084f9408f/participants/A/subjects/L5' \
--header 'X-USERNAME: {USERNAME}' \
--header 'X-API-KEY: {APIKEY}' \
--header 'X-VERSION: 2.0' \
--data-raw ''

(In the above code, replace {APIKEY} with your actual API key and {USERNAME} with your actual username.)

Sample Response

No response

Response Definitions

No  response definition

HTTP Status Codes

200 OK

400 Bad Request

  • If trying to delete a subject from non-group questionnaire.
  • If trying to delete last remaining subject from a group questionnaire.

404 Not Found

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