Get Participant Subject

Get the details of a subject of a participant of a survey.


Method               Url

Get the details of the specific subject identified by the subjectName path variable of the specific participant identified by the participantUniqueId path variable of the specific survey identified by the surveyId path variable.


Path parameters

Path parameter Description
{surveyId}The id of the survey. This is the survey GUID and not the Interview URL.
{participantUniqueId}The participantUniqueId is either the login name if a logged in survey or else the email address.
{subjectName}The name of the subject. Use null if non-group questionnaire.

Query string parameters


Sample Request

curl --location --request GET 'https:// <servername>/snaponline/api/surveys/20dbe888-ec99-4895-b094-e34084f9408f/participants/A/subjects/L1' \
--header 'X-USERNAME: {USERBNAME}' \
--header 'X-API-KEY: {APIKEY}' \
--header 'X-VERSION: 2.0' \
--data-raw ''

(In the above code, replace {APIKEY} with your actual API key and {USERNAME} with your actual username.)

Sample Response

    "subjectName": "L1",
    "questionnaireSeeding": {
        "v53": "L1",
        "v48": "2;3",
        "v50": "A",
        "v51": "A",
        "v46": "4"
    "status": "NotStarted"

Response Definitions

Response Item Description Data Type
subjectNameFor a group questionnaire, the  subject name will not be an empty string.   For a non-group questionnaire, the subject name will always be an empty string.String
questionnaireSeedingThe questionnaire seeding for the subject. This is a dictionary of properties in the form “<variable V number>” : “<value>”.Object
statusThis is the subject status.

String or null:  
“NotStarted” – the participant has not started the questionnaire.
“Started” the participant has started the questionnaire.
“Partial” – a partial response has been taken.
“Saved” – the participant has saved the questionnaire.
“Completed” – the participant has completed the questionnaire.
“Submitted” – the researcher has submitted a partial response.  

HTTP Status Codes

200 OK

404 Not Found

Other API calls