Snap Survey Software How-to: Transfer Data Between a Survey and a Database

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Learn how to transfer data between a Snap survey and a database using Snap Survey Software

You can use Snap Survey Software to link between a Snap survey and an SQL Server database, so you can use your existing database to seed data into your survey, send updated data from your survey back to your database, or use email addresses in the database to invite respondents.

We have developed a worksheet which describes how to import data into your survey from an SQL server database. You can also export data received from the survey back into the database, which is done in a similar manner.

To connect your survey to a database, you need to have a database field that contains a unique ID for each respondent that can be mapped to a respondent variable in the survey, so the data is placed in the correct person’s record or response.

Snap Survey Software can automatically identify many database types. However, some databases have specific requirements, such as password protection. For these databases, you can easily tell Snap precisely how to connect so it can build a data link.

The worksheet covers the following steps:

Step 1: Setting up the Database Linkage Wizard

Step 2: Creating the data link for the SQL database

Step 3: Matching records between the survey and the database

Step 4: Choosing what database fields to import into your survey

You will also learn how to set up a Hot Link to run the link automatically.

View the worksheet Transferring data between a Snap survey and a database

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