68% of employees feel remote working is having a positive effect

Working from home survey results

The pandemic has turned the world of work on its head. Remote working has become a necessity for over 40% of businesses worldwide, bringing about the largest change to our working lives since the industrial revolution.

The forced shift to remote working has been a new experience for many employers and employees alike.

While some people are happy working from home and forgoing the commute, others may be feeling isolated and miss the camaraderie of the office.

Last month, we conducted our own research on thoughts about remote working and whether they want to continue this after the pandemic.

It was a short survey that asked the following questions:

  • What percentage of your time would you like to spend remote working after the pandemic?
  • Will remote working make you reconsider where you live?
  • Overall, what effect on your organisation’s culture do you think increased levels of remote working will have?
  • Do you think that your employer’s current strategies for the following are sufficient for long-term work?
    • Physical health              
    • Mental health and wellbeing  
    • Social connectivity/ interacting with colleagues              
    • IT equipment and systems       

The results clearly demonstrate a positive attitude to remote work and its impact on their lives – both personally and professionally.

Your thoughts on work post-pandemic [info-graphic]

The results clearly show remote working is seen as a positive change both personally and professionally, and that employers have got their strategies right.

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