Monitor Internal Training Programs with Online Training Surveys

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Monitor the success of your internal training programs with online training surveys

Businesses know that running successful internal training programs takes a lot of hard work and dedication of time and resources, including: compensating an instructor to lead a training, paying employees for their time to attend a training, and in some cases travel expenses could be incurred for off-site trainings. Because of this costly business investment of time and resources, it is important to track the success of all training programs with online training surveys.  Do employees find the trainings effective?  Did they gain insight into subjects that will help them do their job better?

As you begin the process of developing your online training survey using survey software, it’s important to consider all aspects of the training experience. Your online training surveys should include questions related to: instructor knowledge, execution, and training style; training content; agenda; and facilities (whether offline in a training facility or online).

Immediate Feedback

An online training survey sent via email immediately following the training is a great way to gather immediate feedback while all the details of the training are still fresh in the minds of attendees. Develop the online training survey well in advance of the training, so your can send it out to employees immediately after the training ends.  Your organization can view real-time data online to get an immediate look at how well your training went for your employees.

Long-term Effectiveness

In the long-term, in order to gauge how effective the training really was for employees is to follow-up with a second training survey, a few weeks or even months after the initial training. This gives employees the chance to implement what they have learned from the training. A second training evaluation can generate some useful information. You can easily compare data from the first survey to determine what aspects of the training are effective and what needs continued improvement.

Online training surveys developed using survey software allow you to: be more competitive and viable by improving employee productivity; make more informed training program decisions; and provide employees with the knowledge, skills, and tools to successfully increase performance. Training surveys have a genuine place in the overall development and execution of all training programs.

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