Introducing Question Carousels – a different way to present questions and answers

graphic showing example of question carousels in surveys

Here at Snap Surveys, we never stand still!

Snap XMP has proven to be a big hit with our customers since its launch last year, but we’re still working to add new features and make it even better.

With that in mind – we’d love to tell you about our latest addition to our survey platform: Question Carousels.

What is a Question Carousel?

Question Carousels let you present grid questions and answers in a visual and interactive way.

Questions are displayed in a question card and respondents select the answer from a list below, then the questionnaire skips to the next card with another question.

The benefit of Question Carousels in surveys

Put simply; the more engaging a survey is, the more likely a person is to respond.

The individual question cards look modern and allow a respondent to focus on one statement at a time, before selecting their response. 

This keeps things simple and easy to follow, while engaging the respondent visually.

They’re also perfect for smartphones as the layout is much easier to use – especially for longer questions or statements.

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