Goals of Customer Service Surveys

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Common Goals of Customer Service Surveys

Any expert in the area of customer service knows that every one of their clients’ projects have their own set of unique goals and key drivers. Having a clear understanding of client expectations is essential. A good understanding means you can properly plan the survey design and administration process to capture customer feedback that provides meaningful data, which can be analyzed and confidently presented to the client.

There are many companies that conduct customer service surveys just for the sake of conducting surveys. Too often, employees are instructed to collect customer feedback, but they are not given any direction, instructions, or the tools they need to successfully design and administer surveys, and manage and analyze survey data. They are simply collecting data for the sake of collecting data, but it is not delivering value because the process was poorly planned with no clear goals identified.

What are some common goals for customer service surveys?

  • Track changes in data over time, across several areas:
      • Benchmark all data against previous years data
      • Benchmark data against competitors or your industry as a whole
      • Benchmark data internally for different products and services
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Identify specific dissatisfied customers. Take immediate action to resolve their issues.
  • Identify employees who are providing poor customer service and coach those employees on how to deliver better service.
  • Discover opportunities to provide better support to customers.
  • Determine how a specific service transaction had an effect on the customer      relationship.
  • Learn about customers’ needs and use that data to formulate new products and services.

In the design phase of your survey, clearly identity the most important goal(s) of the survey project. Those goals should be addressed throughout the entire survey process – from design to analysis and reporting. Keep in mind, your list of goals may change over time. Ensure that each time you execute a customer service survey; you clearly identify your goals for that time period.

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