Using clickable images as answer choices

This tutorial shows you how to make a question interactive and more engaging by transforming question answers into clickable images. Snap XMP Desktop includes predefined interactive images that you can use in your surveys, these are called Map Controls. This tutorial shows how to add a map control to your survey Step 1: Add a question to […]

Creating interactive images with a Map control

This tutorial describes how to use your own images to make a question interactive and more engaging. We will use the gender question as the example for this worksheet.  Sample images are available to download below. Download the sample images using right-click and selecting ‘Save Image as…’ Snap XMP Desktop allows you to show coded questions as […]

Creating a Map showing age group data using graphics

This example describes how to show a ratings scale by age, with the age data conveyed in the graphic, and the satisfaction statistics displayed by color. It uses the questions available in the Crocodile Rock Cafe survey. Adding graphics to represent each age group In the Crocodile survey, these are: Under 18 18 – 24 […]